Sloths, Toucans, and Trees that Walk: how Sumak Travel changed my perspective on DIY travel.

I watched a lot of nature documentaries as a kid, so the rainforest was pretty close to how I'd pictured it before visiting Costa Rica and experiencing it for the first time in real life. 

There were a few things that I didn't expect, however. The darkness, first of all. The tree canopy overhead is so thick that even on a bright, sunny day not much light filters down to the forest floor. Second, I didn't quite expect to feel so emotional while trekking, but I found myself quite overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, awed by the sheer diversity of plants and wildlife, and sobered as I thought of all the beautiful rainforest areas that have been destroyed or are in danger of disappearing. 

Today's post goes out to my freelancing, coffee-shop-office, world-traveling, ethically-minded friends! I'm going to introduce you to KANCHA: a Berlin-based design label that creates beautifully crafted tech accessories for the "urban nomad". Everything that KANCHA sells is simple and super durable- the kind of items you only need to buy once as they'll last a lifetime and just become more beautiful with age.