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I just paid in my quarterly tax payments. As usual, this mundane, 4-times-a-year action put me in a rather disgruntled mood. As a self-employed freelancer/business owner with low overhead and not a lot of write-offs, it’s always a bit disheartening to watch such a huge portion of the money I’ve made over the past few months whiz off to the IRS. I sigh and think of the things that I could do with that money to support good organizations that I love, or even just invest in my own ethical lifestyle (someday I will have an electric car fund), and try not to think of the things my tax dollars may be used for by the government that go against my values.

But taxes are a non-negotiable, so I pay them focus on the good things that I want my money to be used for as a citizen of the USA- better education and providing healthcare (I know, I know) and the like.

I want to feel better about paying taxes, and that’s why I’m grateful that is an option for filing yearly taxes. It’s a social-good focused company that donates $2 per return (even if your return is free and you don't pay a cent!) to Healing Waters International to provide clean water to communities without current access to a safe water source. You might remember my post about last year- if you decided to file through I’d love to hear about it!

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I checked back in with the folks at this year to see what’s new, and their impact has doubled since my last post- overall, they have donated 5.3 million gallons of water, which is enough water for 29,251 people to have clean water for a whole year. has also improved their tools for self-employed/freelancing/side hustling folks to take some of the uncertainty out of filing- You can now find an interview-style questionnaire on’s website to make filing your self-employment taxes easier and less confusing. ( is releasing a podcast episode on this topic soon- be sure to follow their social media accounts or sign up for newsletters to be notified when it goes live.)

A little good news for those of us who are on top of things and don’t wait until the last second to file (unlike myself…) If you qualify for the EZ file option you can file your state return for free, too, until the beginning of March!

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Even though I have a healthy serving of angst regarding paying my taxes, as a social justice and ethical living advocate, I’ll just continue to do my part as a citizen and contribute toward positive change in the way my country operates in every small way that I can. And filing taxes through won’t hurt, either. It’s sort of a tiny act of resistance, I suppose, to file my taxes through a service that contributes to charity and to support something I care about through the simple action of choosing over another, bigger-name service (that may or may not rhyme with shmurbo shmax).


How do you feel about tax season? Have you tried a service like