Clothes Stories: Tshu For The Dapper Ethical Gent

I don't really focus on style and resources for the ethical gentleman nearly as much as I should on Life+Style+Justice. Though there are slightly fewer companies catering to men with a penchant for fairly-made clothes and accessories, it's a growing portion of the ethical consumerism market and it deserves to be highlighted and celebrated! 

When Canada-based ethical company Tshu offered to send over a elegant, tree-planting handkerchief (for each hanky purchased, a tree is planted!) for review, I knew it would be the perfect chance to break out of my style-post-rut. 

In a word, Tshu handkerchiefs are... dapper. Andrew chose the "Gilbert" style, a boldly dotted square with contrasting red thread. I approved of the choice because a.) Gilbert Blythe of Anne of Green Gables was one of my literary crushes as a little girl (and he would certainly approve of this handkerchief, what with his dashing sense of style and all) and b.) I was imagining how excellent that deep blue would look against a crisp linen jacket. Mmm. 

All Tshu handkercheifs are proudly made in Canada, using fine cotton sateen and lawn (search "organic" if you want to shop only in that catagory). Though the prices may seem daunting at first, if you're planning on getting daily use out of your new hanky (just say NO to kleenex! Did you know that the equivalent of 70 million trees are used up and thrown away every year in the form of tissues?) it's well worth it to invest.  

Because Andrew works in a dusty, dirty workshop most days (this elegant hanky would be toast after just one use), he's planning to use this as his "Sunday handkerchief". It's already included in his "official summer wedding outfit" and I know it will get a good amount of use this summer! On that note, If you're looking for ethically sourced pocket squares for a wedding or other fancy event, Tshu would be the perfect place to browse. 

Now, on to the mission of Tshu. For every handkerchief you purchase, a tree is planted in Ethiopia through WeForest, an organization leading reforestation efforts as a way to alleviate poverty and create a better environment for communities to thrive and enjoy natural resources. You can learn more here.

Come back TOMORROW- we'll be giving away a Tshu Hanky as part of this month's big ethical giveaway and you won't want to miss out on all the awesome ethical products in our May bundle!