Glowing for Good

My favorite candle company, Prosperity Candle, has done it again! They've created a beautiful new website and two gorgeous new product types that are perfect for holiday giving- my favorite is the Forever Candle: a candle that comes with endless refills and more job opportunities for the American refugee women that Prosperity Candle Employs. I'm certainly going to need to add one to my already-quite-large collection of candles (see previous post). 

In addition to their new website and new product line, Prosperity Candle has put out a brand new group of scents- Amber & Orchid, Lavender & Citron, Pacific Redwood & Patchouli, Sea Grass & Salt Spray, Vanilla Bean & Peppercorn. They are all amazing, but I think that Pacific Redwood and Patchouli wins as my favorite, with Vanilla Bean and Peppercorn coming in a close second. I love the creativity of the scents and the thought that went into developing them! 

Follow Prosperity Candle on Instagram for a sneak peek into the candle-making process, plus happy snapshots of the gorgeous smiling faces of women artisans who are being empowered through job creation and hope. 

This one's my favorite: