Conscious Closet: Hosting a Clothing Swap!

Last month, My friend Ashlyn and I hosted the very first Life+Style+Justice Conscious Closet Event! We asked each of the 35 attendees for the evening to bring along 5-10 gently worn items from their closets that they no longer wore (including shoes and accessories), as well as worn-out and ill-fitting bras- which we donated to Free The Girls

As everyone arrived, volunteers took the clothing to a separate room to be sorted and hung on racks (you can find clothing racks on Craigslist for cheap) while attendees enjoyed cocktails, desserts, and browsing the two fair trade boutiques that were with us for the evening- Paisley & Sparrow and Trades of Hope. We also had a giveaway with items from Prosperity Candle, Ember Arts, and Eden Ministries that attendees could enter to win by posting photos of the evening to Instagram with the hashtag #consciouscloset! 

Ashlyn and I gave a short talk on ethical fashion, the state of the fashion industry and building an ethical wardrobe. Attendees got a handout to help them begin mapping their priorities in their own ethical fashion journey. 

Then it was time to shop! Since everything was sorted out by size, it was easy for everyone to find items that would work for them without having to dig through a mountain of clothes! We had a great variety of styles and sizes- one of the attendees remarked that if we held a Conscious Closet event every season she'd never have to shop at a store again! 

All in all, Conscious Closet turned out to be a fantastic way to connect, start a dialogue about ethical fashion, and "shop" items that would otherwise be discarded. I'm definitely hoping to host another one soon! 

All photos courtesy of L&E Photography