Don't Miss Baby Jesus.

A dear friend who is about to become a foster mama shared this with me recently. I can't think of any better way to welcome Christmas than to share these words with you- hoping it will touch your hearts like it did mine. Don't miss your moment to show love and justice to this hurting world this Christmas. 


I often think, when I think about the Christmas story, that I wish I would have been there in Bethlehem, to open my doors and make room for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I can't believe no one took them in! In the midst of my judging the entire town of Bethlehem, I realized that they probably just never noticed what was going on. They just missed Jesus. 
It makes me think. How often the busyness and tasks of life make me miss things! But, please, don't let me miss Jesus any more... That is my prayer. Christmas is about making room for Jesus. Making room to share his story with my children. Making room for more of his love and grace in my heart. Making room to notice what he is doing. Making room to see him, to love him and serve him.

This year, we've been making room for another child in our home. We don't know when that little one will arrive, but we're ready, we're waiting. Waiting to give everything in our hearts in return for the joy of a child, of this child who will stay with us for a little while or a long while. So many unknowns, but one thing we do know: That whatever we do for one of these little ones, we do for Jesus. 

You see, I get my chance to go back to Bethlehem. I get my chance to not miss baby Jesus. I can hold him in my arms, open my home, give him a bed, blankets and clean diapers. Right here at this time and in this place, there's an opportunity to give my love back to the one who taught me to love. 

And this is only one way to find baby Jesus this Christmas. You have a chance, too. His face is the face of every lost, lonely or hurting soul. Maybe you can feed someone who is hungry or send a gift to someone in need. Maybe you can be a friend, maybe you can love an enemy. Maybe you can let the gentle love of Jesus crack open your own hurting soul. Maybe you'll see Jesus' face in the faces of your own children, your neighbors, your coworkers. 
Make room for Jesus this Christmas. Look for him - don't miss him! To experience him is the greatest gift.

And we're all like the little town of Bethlehem in the song, waiting for our moment:

"How quietly, how silently, this wondrous gift is given
Cast out our sin and enter in
Be born in us today."