Company Feature: Malia Designs

Today’s company feature has been a favorite of mine for awhile- Malia Designs! Malia Designs products are made by Fair Trade producer groups in Cambodia, with a focus on education and empowerment. You can learn more about Maila Designs' mission and impact here, or check out thier social media feeds for a look behind the scenes! 

Malia Designs has something for everyone- if you’re into quirky, bright, and eco-friendly accessories, check out the recycled feed bag and cement bag collections. Items that would normally be thrown in a landfill are repurposed into unique totes, yoga mat bags, cosmetic cases, and more! 

If you’re a bit more reserved in your fashion choices (like me!), the Khmer collection is going to be more your style . With sturdy fabric, classic shapes, and subtle, neutral patterns, these bags can go well with everything! 

I chose the small messenger bag in ash to review (and give away- so watch for it in the big ethical giveaway later this month!). I love the option of a smaller-sized messenger bag- being a short girl, carrying a gigantic tote or crossbody tends to make me look a bit like a kid trying to carry their dad’s suitcase or something. ;-) This little number is sleek,  compact, and just the right size for an everyday bag. 

There’s a copious amount of pockets and the construction is pretty rugged and durable- which is necessary if you’re as tough on your bags and totes as I am. I love that the corners on this bag are reinforced with piping, since the corners are generally the first part to wear out. 

Check out Malia Designs' full range on their website, or follow them on facebook or instagram to keep up with the latest news!