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 Today, Hanna from Sotela and I are swapping blogs! I'm posting about my natural cleaning routine on her blog, and she's agreed to share an ethical fashion post on Life+Style+Justice. Enjoy!

When I first pledged to only buy eco-friendly or ethically made clothes, I was nervous and scared. Here I am, a style blogger, who just decided to give up shopping at all the stores I visited frequently. A variety of questions popped up such as, how will I keep doing outfit posts if I can’t shop anymore? Even though I didn’t have the answers, I knew I couldn’t keep supporting the same brands I once had because of their business practices. 

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Transitioning to ethically made clothes was easier than I thought after I researched all of the amazing brands that create quality items. I didn’t have to compromise my style or budget because shopping ethically has taught me to shop smart. Every season I look at my closet and see if there are any “holes” I could fill to make my wardrobe complete. I make a short list of items I would like to buy and start searching thrift stores or ethically made brands. I don’t shop unless I have a clear idea of what I would like to buy and how it will enhance my closet. 

In the past year, I’ve gotten extremely lucky with thrift stores and have found several pieces that I wear on a daily basis. These jeans and vest are both thrifted items that I love so much. I think it is safe to say I’m digging the 70’s look right now. The white top is from Reformation and a great piece if you like tucking your shirt in and the yellow clutch is from My Biotiful Bag, which is an eco-friendly brand that uses recycled bottles to make purses, clutches and wallets. 

Shopping sustainably can be easy with a little planning and know how. If you have any questions about where to shop for ethically made products or to find out more about my story, check out my blog!

Hanna is an eco-conscious blogger at Gold Polka Dots dedicated to making a sustainable lifestyle more accessible. 

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