Tuli Giveaway!

In Uganda, the word "tuli" means "we are".  This word, symbolizing unity and empowerment, is the heart behind stylish jewelry brand Tuli, based in Kampala, Uganda. Uganda is an area that is struggling to rebuild and move on after decades of war and destruction which severely damaged the infrastructure of the country. To this day, unemployment rates remain high, with over 60% of adults under 30 still looking for work. 

That's where Tuli comes in. Realizing that one-time aid won't sustain change, Tuli seeks to create long-term employment that will allow women to care for their families, save money, and benefit their communities. 

I love that Tuli tells you just what your purchase will do: $30 dollars will send a child to school, $100 will keep a family afloat for a month. Such a huge impact for such a small sum. That's the reality of companies that provide sustainable, long term jobs and support for members of a community. 

If you're a girl who loves a good statement necklace, you've got to check out Tuli's designs! Enter below for a chance to win a Tuli Necklace! 

Thanks for entering! Our giveaway winner is DeeDee Webster! Congrats!