Ethical Kids' Clothes $30.00 and Under

Ethical kids' clothing. I'm not a mom, but it seems to me that this is a sticky area to navigate as an ethical consumer. You want to buy quality slow-fashion items that will last, but kids grow out of things so quickly that it seems wasteful to spend $100 on a pair of ethically made shorts that will only last a season. You want to buy fair trade, but there aren't many practical clothing options out there for kids. 

From what I've observed, there are a few options for conscious consumer moms that are friendly on the budget and the environment. Swapping is the first that comes to mind. I remember, growing up, the big bags of hand-me-down clothing that would make the rounds among thrifty families in my community. Sometimes you would see the same shirt on several different children in several different families throughout the years! The second option is, of course, thrifting. Though certain items may be harder to find used due to being more prone to complete annihilation by their young owners (tennis shoes, for instance, or basic tee shirts), 

But what about when you want a specific, basic piece to mix and match with existing items in your kids' wardrobe? What about when Grandma and Grandpa want to buy the kids clothing for Christmas (who can resist the desire to shop for adorable little miniature pants and socks)? What do you you to when your friends want to throw you a baby shower and you need to come up with a list of gift registry items? 

Here are a few ethically made kids' pieces that are adorable, versatile, and won't break the bank! 

  1. Wildly Co Navy Play Dress $30
    Made in the USA
  2. PACT Watermelon Cuffster Pants $12
    Organic, Sweatshop Free
  3. Wildly Co Heather Grey Everyday Skirt $25
    Made in the USA
  4. PACT Superstar Cuffster Pants $18
    Organic, Sweatshop Free, Fair Trade Certified Cotton 
  5. Wildly Co Lemon Lime Perfect Tee $18
    Made in the USA 
  6. TAG New York Easy Pant $30
    Ethically made by artisan groups 
  7. PACT Mountain Range Snapster Body Suit $27
    Organic, Sweatshop Free
  8. Thunderpants Pirate Stripe Cami $28
    Organic, Made In New Zealand 
  9. All Good Living Kids: The Writer One Piece $25
    Organic Cotton, made in the USA 

Have you discovered any ethical kids' clothing companies that I should know about? Leave a comment and tell me about them!