Ethical Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I’m not a huge decorator (my home has remained largely unchanged for the 4 years I’ve lived in it), but I can honestly say that making some changes to my bedroom has resulted in a more relaxing space and better sleep! I’ve also felt strangely motivated to get up and moving right away, rather than dozing in bed, which I’m going to attribute to the green plants right by my bed (fun fact: my snake plant is actually a cutting from a snake plant that’s been in my family for several generations!).

This room is a good representation of my style, overall: thrifted and passed-down items mixed with fair trade accents and responsibly sourced “basics”.

Bed: secondhand
Headboard: DIY by Andrew
Mattress Pad: made in the USA (synthetic fibers) via Amazon
Pillows: natural fibers (wool and organic cotton) Organic Textiles via Amazon (made in Made in USA using fiber from Minnesota) 
Sheets: Elkie and Ark
Decorative Pillows: Zarpar
Clothing rack and hangers: secondhand
Bedside Tables: IKEA, old.
Hamper basket: Ten Thousand Villages
Plant containers: thrifted
Lamp: Skura
Vase: Zarpar
Jewelry Box: Alternatives Global Market
Decorative Bells: Alternatives Global Market
Map Banner: A Beautiful Refuge