Living A Conscious Life: Detox

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Detox. Ridding one's life or body of unhealthy or toxic things. I think that regularly pausing and taking stock of the things that need to be removed or improved from your lifestyle is an important practice for conscious living. 

I've been pondering this a lot lately, as I sort of formulate a new life-rhythm while navigating some big changes in my normal routine. I feel quite content with where my lifestyle is at, currently, but that doesn't stop me from identifying areas to work on- I'm a fan of constant learning and growth! 

1. I want to attempt to give myself *actual* days off and vacation/sick days this year. 
Being a small business owner has its perks (freedom to set my own hours, freedom to only do the work I'm really passionate about, freedom to travel and move around), but for the past few years it's meant constant hustle for me, too. I haven't traveled without my work laptop, I've rarely taken a weekend entirely off... Though I don't mind hard work (I thrive on it!), I don't want to be constantly overworked anymore. 

2. I want to work on my relationship with stuff. 
You might think, given my relatively tiny wardrobe and minimal shopping habits that I've conquered my bad consumerism habits. The truth is, I'm still not where I'd like to be with contentment. I still crave stuff, I still depend on stuff to make me feel good at times, and I still think that stuff has too much of a hold in my life. Selling and giving away pretty much all of my stuff in preparation for my big move has been so freeing, and I want to continue exploring that free feeling this year. 

3. I want to say "no" more.
If it's not something that I am passionate about, I want to say no. If it's not something I can realistically do or help with (most often because I can't commit the time), I want to say no. 

4. I want to Detox physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.
When I physically detox, it's easier for me to tackle the more difficult emotionally-based stuff. It's clear that when my body is functioning well, my mind functions better, too! A few of my favorite ways to let my body rest, heal, and detox are:  

  • Drink lots of tea. My favorite routine is to drink Numi ginger lemon green tea in the morning with a few lemon slices, a drizzle of raw honey, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. This month, I'm attempting to drink green tea every day (more on that later) for health and energy. 
  • Incorporate spiritual fasting into my routine. I used to fast and pray+meditate several times a month. I've slowly gotten away from this practice, but want to reincorporate it! Granted, I do this for the spiritual aspect, mostly, but it's so helpful for the health of the body as well! 
  • Say no to sugar. Though detoxing from sugar is hard (there's sugar in everything!) It's a wonderful way to re-set the body. 

What do you need to rid your life of this season?