JORD Eco Friendly Watches

Disclosure: I received a watch from JORD for review. All opinions my own. 

Watches without plastic, batteries, or difficult-to-recycle electronic elements are difficult to find (and are often made questionably, though costing thousands of dollars at fancy watch stores). JORD wooden watches are the perfect solution for the conscious consumer.  

Andrew recently received a watch from JORD's Dover series, and I asked him to write a quick review on his experience as a JORD watch owner:

"The craftsmanship of the Dover watch is beautiful in many ways- from the choice of wood used in the band (Olive + Acacia) to the intricate gear work that is visible from both the face and back of the case.

One of the ways I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the watch is the maintenance of the watch! Don’t take that the wrong way- it’s a rugged watch that's meant to be worn everyday. But it also requires care- oiling the wood, storing it appropriately, taking care to not subject it to quick temperature changes or lots of water because it’s wood and it will expand and contract."

As an ethical company, JORD company policies protect their workers as well as the environment. The wood used for the watch bands is sourced from many places, but the greatest and most substantial source is reclaimed furniture remnants. The watch face elements are made in China. The workshop is supervised directly by JORD, and because of that they are able to dictate the pay of the workers, which is well above average, and the quality of the parts produced. Assembly is done in St. Louis, MO, providing good paying jobs both overseas and state side. JORD is a good example of what companies should be, in a world filled with fast fashion and throwaway mentality.  

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