Make Your Own Shift Dress With Molly of Fair & Simple

One of my goals in 2018 is to begin making a few of my own garments. I'm excited to try out this dress pattern designed by my friend Molly of Fair & Simple

I love the simple lines and easy fit, and I love the cause behind the dress. 


Molly says, "I have loved sewing since I was in high school.  In college, I showed up with a sewing machine and no laptop in sight.  Eventually I got a computer to help me with my elementary education studies (the sewing machine didn't do me much good, go figure), but I never put my machine down.  My family of 5 is living in 500 sq ft right now as my husband builds our home, and my sewing machine still found a spot at the side of my bed.  And so is a creepy mannequin that watches me while I sleep.   Sometimes I really want to put it in the kids room to freak them out, but the youngest is only 3 so I feel like I should wait maybe another year.   

shift-dress-pattern-back (1).jpg

Anyway, I am passionate about using this interest of mine to serve others, so this year I created a simple shift dress pattern to raise money and awareness for Dressember.  Women wear dresses for the month of December and people sponsor them.  The money raised goes to fight human trafficking.  Since the garment industry is such a huge contributor to the exploitation of women and children, this fits really well.  A person is behind every seam of the clothes we wear, and it's usually a woman.  Our care in purchasing clothes responsibly is a way to show that we value that person.  It's bigger than a dress.  I can't stand the thought of someone suffering because our market has driven down the price of a tee shirt to the cost of a latte.  Making a piece of clothing shows just how much work goes into it."  


Click here to find the pattern for Molly's design, and detailed instructions on how to put it together. Molly is giving away the pattern and tutorial for free, and simply asking for a suggested $5 donation to her Dressember page