Spring 10x10 Challenge

I'm joining this spring's 10x10 challenge with Lee Vosburgh (Style Bee), Caroline Rector (Un Fancy), and Liz, founder of Elizabeth Suzann. What's a 10x10 challenge? Read this blog post for more information. Basically, the challenge is comprised of choosing 10 items from your wardrobe and wearing only those items for 10 days (shoes are included in the 10 items, but accessories can be added). 

Here are the items I'm including in my roundup: 

  1. Denim shorts, thrifted 
  2. Black cigarette pants, thrifted 
  3. Black high-waisted shorts, thrifted
  4. Chambray button down, thrifted 
  5. Striped top, Synergy Organic Clothing
  6. Polka dot button down, The Fable
  7. Black tank top, thrifted 
  8. Sandals, RoHo 
  9. Sneakers, Un-ethically made by Nike 
  10. Black dress, Asuiro Pinafico 

Follow along with my 10 days of outfits on instagram!