Boho Style with Alternatives Global Marketplace

After quite a long hiatus from international travel, I spent 5 weeks in the Philippines with Andrew. Traveling for an extended period pumped my soul full of color and inspiration and I came back wanting to surround myself with little bits of that vibrancy. 

Though my taste has become simpler and more minimalistic over time, I've never banished color from my home (my crazy bright floral chairs and turquoise couch speak for themselves). Despite my love for splashes of color and warmth, my bedroom remained pretty plain- in shades of grey and brown- up until this summer. 

I decided last month to do a little update to the space, and Alternatives Global Marketplace offered to lend the room a little international flair from their collection of fair trade goods. Alternatives Global Marketplace carries a wide variety of home goods- from quilts and shams to baskets and night lights. Challenging myself to use only small, affordable items to complete my decor transformation, I opted for a Brass inlaid wooden box and three gorgeous copper bells (which come in 3.5, 5, or 6 inch sizes- or a combination of the three, as I've demonstrated here!). 

I'm always so impressed by the quality of handcrafted items made with solid, natural materials. The inlay on the wooden box is intricate and beautiful, and I have a great deal of respect for the artisans at Noah's Ark that created it. Generously sized (8 by 6 inches), this box is the perfect sport for my jewelry to reside on my bedside table (and a welcome replacement for my tiny old thrift store box that was a bit too tightly crammed). 

The patina on the copper bells makes them look ancient and regal, and I'm mesmerized by the process of making them (check it out in the video below)! The cooperative that produces these bells helps farmers get through tough times caused by drought, while simultaneously preserving a handicraft that values slow, ancient processes. 

I wasn't sure at first how to style my new bells, but they found a perfect home accompanying my map banner above the bed. If my windows are open, they might be jostled just enough to give off a peaceful, melodic tone while I drift off to sleep. 

Alternatives Global Marketplace is giving away a $75.00 gift card this week! The winner will be announced on August 1st. If you love globally-inspired home decor, enter to win by signing up for the brands' newsletter or following on Instagram. 

I'll be posting about several more finds this week that have helped my pull together my bedroom refresh, be sure to check back in throughout the week, as well as on Friday for the room reveal!