Golden Geometry with Artisan & Fox

This post is sponsored by Artisan & Fox, who graciously provided me with the product I review within this post, as well as a discount for Life+Style+Justice readers! Use HANNAH10 for a 10% savings on anything on the Artisan & Fox website!

Let me introduce you to Artisan & Fox. Artisan & Fox sources beautiful, artisan-made items from Afghanistan, Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam. The products that Artisan & Fox carries are hand-selected by the Artisan & Fox team to ensure that as many natural and eco-friendly materials as possible are used, and Artisan & Fox seeks to build strong, sustainable partnerships with artisans focused on fair pay and support/mentoring as the artisans grow their craft and reach new markets.


Artisan & Fox allowed me to test one of their newly added jewelry designs, and I chose the Almasi Earrings. I’ve been without a pair of “dangly” earrings since I lost the pearl earrings I wore for my wedding. I’ve been wanting to add a more “fancy” pair of earrings to my wardrobe for awhile, something in brass or gold. The Almasi earrings from Artisan & Fox fit my minimalist jewelry tastes perfectly- they’re big (bigger than my normal tiny studs at least!), yes, but they are also thin and simple with their hammered surface and geometric shape. Because the earrings are thin, they’re also lightweight- a must for me since my ear lobes are sensitive and can’t stand heavy earrings for more than a few hours. The earrings arrived in a cotton pouch nestled inside a cardboard box- no plastic packaging to be found, which is a HUGE plus for me as a zero-waste-aspiring consumer.


My earrings were made by Ojiko, an artisan in Nairobi, Kenya, who uses recycled brass to create his designs. Artisan & Fox splits profits 50/50 with the artisans that they work with, and the company has a passion for connecting with small maker groups and helping them connect to the western market (many for the first time).

The Artisan & Fox team took time to answer all of my questions about their brand and the shop’s ethics with kindness and transparency. I loved learning that the artisans that Artisan & Fox supports are included in pricing negotiations for each product, and given a voice in the partnership.


Artisan & Fox is a relatively new ethical company that is already making great strides in their mission to connect artisans with conscious consumers around the world. I'm excited to follow Artisan & Fox's journey as then grow and forge new partnerships!

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