The Ethical Home: Artisan Connect

As you might have gathered from my Instagram posts lately, I'm in the midst of upgrading my living room using ethically sourced goods! My inspiration is a modern take on a Parisian apartment- an eclectic style of modern and minimalist pieces mixed with antiques and rich textiles. It's a style that I've found works quite well for a mostly-thrifted and gathered-together-from-everywhere home like mine. I've nailed down all of the basics- Rescued antique couch, rug, curtains.... and now I'm ready for all of the run little details that will make my living room pop! 

I was lucky enough to discover Artisan Connect in my search for a few high-quality accent pieces for the room. It's rare to find a home goods company that values both quality and fair wages and social good. Artisan Connect supports artisans around the world in Peru, Afghanistan, India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Bolivia, Morocco, Swaziland, Cambodia, and Africa buy buying their products at fair-wage prices and curating them in an online shop for conscious consumers to have access to global style. 

One of the things that makes Artisan Connect unique is their blog which is packed with ethical interior design inspiration and real home makeovers! I adore their recent series featuring Nikki's lovely 1920's home- be sure to give it a read! 

I have two brand new Artisan Connect raw silk pillows sitting on my couch and I'm absolutely in love- I couldn't help showing you a sneak peek! Not only do they class up my couch, My new pillows carry a story with them that I'll think about every time I see them. Their Journey began in Cambodia, on a farm where silkworms spin their cocoons on mulberry trees owned by the organization Artisans D'Angkor.

Artisans D'Angkor is one of Artisan Connect's carefully selected in-country partners, and such an amazing organization ( I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard of them before!). 

Artisans D'Angkor was originally created as a way to keep young men and women employed while still living in their own villages, rather than heading to the big cities to work (where sweatshops and brothels are rampant). It's grown to be the largest employer of Cambodians living in the northwest region with 1,300 employees. 

In addition to providing sustainable jobs, Artisans D'Angkor focuses on healthcare and education initiatives for the communities that house their 14 different locations. Visit their website to learn more about the amazing programs they have in place! I also love that Artisans D'Angkor places value on traditional artisan products and techniques- they even allow tourists to observe their workshops and gain a greater appreciation for slow, handcrafted production (something I think is so valuable in our mass-produced world). 

The down inserts that make these pillows delightfully soft and oh-so-squishy are made in the USA, just one more step in assuring me that my product is ethically made and responsibly sourced! 

My Review? 10 out of 10! 

  • Quality: Incredible. The fabric is gorgeous and luxurious, the seams are crisp, even and sturdy. I love that Artisan Connect doesn't opt to stuff the gorgeous silk covers with a cheap, synthetic pillow form but instead uses natural materials that will have a much longer life.  
  • Price: So reasonable. I did a quick comparison search through conventional retailers West Elm and Pottery Barn, and  found that comparable products are nearly the same in price. Considering the fact that these pillows are made from raw silk (not a cheap material), handcrafted and ethically sourced, they're a steal! 
  • Style: I absolutely love that these pillows are both neutral-colored (anyone else have a hard time finding ethical home goods that aren't all the colors of the rainbow at once?) and classic. The button details are darling! 

Check out Artisan Connect's entire line of pillows and poufs here and check out a few more of my favorite styles in the gallery below! 

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I'm excited to unveil my entire ethical living room makeover in March! Check back to see how my new silk pillows look with all the other elements of the room!