Ethical Blogger Network: New Member Profiles

Several months ago, I started the Ethical Blogger Network to provide a place for myself and a few blogger friends to chat about resources & ideas related to slow fashion, fair trade, sustainable living, and more. I didn't really have any huge plans for the network and I just casually threw the idea out there. Fast-forward to today- we're quickly approaching 100 bloggers within the group, and I couldn't be more thrilled to watch this amazing, global community take shape! 

As this community continues to grow, it's important to me that we stay connected, and one way that I'd like to do so is through introducing our new members each month. I decided to post these profiles on the Life+Style+Justice blog so that Life+Style+Justice readers could discover these awesome ladies and their blogs as well. Enjoy! 

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Kim of Kim Goes Oko 

Kim is based in Mainz, Germany, which she describes as a cozy town full of students and other creative minds near Frankfurt. 

Kim's blog, Kim Goes Eko, chronicles a year-long experiment in slow fashion: She's pledged that she will not buy fast fashion for one year. Kim's blog promotes swaps, second hand fashion, and ethical/slow fashion. Kim shares that her blog also hits on a more personal level of conscious consumerism: "My blog is about the emotional ups and downs of this experiment. Yes, I shopped a lot of fast fashion before and yes, I am totally new to the field- baby Kim exploring the new territory of a more sustainable fashion lifestyle!"

I asked Kim to share 3 little facts about herself- funny, personal, or otherwise: 

  1. I am a perfectionist when it comes to two things (and some others as well but not as crazy): making the perfect sandwich and listening to music (it's not possible to listen to a volume of an uneven number. it drives me crazy)
  2. I do sports 6 times a week but love chocolate to death.
  3. I am half Asian but I cannot eat with chop sticks.

Check out Kim's blog or find her on Instagram and say hi! 

Wiebke of SLORIS 

Wiebke is located in Hamburg, a port city in the North of Germany. 

Wiebke's blog, Sloris, is all about sustainable fashion. Wiebke writes: "I want to show the world of slow fashion to modern fashionistas. In Germany, there are still many preconceptions of slow fashion that need to be challenged. My goal is to show the diversity of slow fashion by presenting handpicked favorites from the most interesting brands and labels. The products are marked with the categories VEGAN/ECO/SOCIAL – depending on which one they fulfill." 

I asked Wiebke to share 3 little facts about herself- funny, personal, or otherwise: 

  1. My mom and dad both are teachers – and I ended up in advertising!
  2. SLORIS was a concept I had during my studies; I couldn’t get away from this idea so I had to start a slow fashion blog!
  3. I always loved to dress up and masquerade. In my hometown, we celebrate the carnival. So I have a huge collection of vintage dresses and funny costumes at my parents’ attic (lucky me that they are so patient and let me keep all that stuff there).

Check out Wiebke's blog or find her on Instagram and say hi!