Life+Style+Justice Winter Fashion Week: The little black dress

I'm so excited to be sharing a few of my favorite recent ethical fashion finds over the next week, and first up is this gorgeous linen dress from Beaumont Organic! It might seem a bit silly to have chosen to add a lightweight linen dress to my closet, just as the long Minnesota winter begins, but I was thinking ahead- I'm going to be traveling to southeast Asia in the early spring and I've had "lightweight breathable modest dress" on my wardrobe short list in preparation for the humidity. Until then, I'm more than happy to layer it up with my heaviest sweaters and tights so that I can still enjoy the soft fabric and loose fit on cozy snowy days. 

I don't currently own many linen pieces, but it's a textile I'm really gravitating toward as I begin consciously choosing natural and organic fibers over synthetic. Linen has many of the same eco-friendly qualities that hemp does, and it grows more soft and beautiful with every wash! 

On this particular dress, I really love the hidden button panel on the front of the dress, as well as the slightly dropped waist. Like most of Beaumont Organic's designs, the dress I chose is meant to fit loosely- but if you're really short/petite, like me, you might have to take it in around the armholes just a bit to keep them from gaping. 

In addition to their linen offerings, Beaumont Organic carries simple and classic pieces made from cotton, bamboo, and wool, and manufactured ethically in England and Portugal. 

The "arian" dress that I chose is manufactured in Portugal, in a small, family owned factory, and transported for distribution by road to cut down on emissions. 

Dress: Arian linen shift dress  by Beaumont Organic
Shoes: by Etiko
Tights: by PACT
Sweater: by Kookoon 

*Beaumont Organic was kind enough to let me choose a dress from their collection to review- all opinions are my own!