My First New Clothing Item of 2016- Sustainable Bamboo Leggings!

You may have noticed a lack of fashion posts on Life+Style+Justice lately. Honestly, even though I have grand plans to do another entire-wardrobe-audit and write a post about mixing and matching my summer essentials, I haven't had that much to write about in the meantime! The last sustainable piece that I added to my wardrobe was back in December and in an effort to stick with my New Year's resolution of only adding 8 items of clothing to my wardrobe this year I haven't even been thrifting for months. 

I'm breaking the silence, though, with a collaboration that has filled a gap in my wardrobe perfectly. Clothing designer Casey Crespo and I connected on Instagram just as I was researching what type of ethically made black leggings I wanted to add to my closet. I read Casey's blog, a sassy and unapologetic collection of opinions on the fashion industry, and thought "okay, I need to be friends with this woman"! 

Of course I also checked out Casey's clothing line (it's all my favorite colors! Grey and black!) and I instantly fell in love with Casey's Mesh Swirl Leggings . Casey kindly sent me a pair to try, and I've recorded my thoughts here (to sum them up- if you need black leggings, go forth and buy these! They're worth every penny). 

Casey's leggings are the best ethical option I've tried so far (I've tried leggings in past years from both Threads4Thought and PACT that I didn't like at all- one pair fell apart and the other pair got baggy in the knees), and they're unique as well! Mesh panels wrap around the legs for an unexpected detail that elevates this piece from a humble pair of leggings to something truly special. 

They're handmade by Casey herself (could you get any closer to knowing exactly who made your clothes) from bamboo fabric, which is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant. Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice, as well, since the growth of bamboo doesn't require pesticides and user far less water than other natural fibers. 

My favorite element of the leggings (beside the cool mesh panels) is the super-high waist that sits right at my natural waist- though it can be rolled over if you like your leggings to sit at your hips. The leggings hold their shape well, and the thick fabric provides coverage while the mesh panels keep you nice and cool.  

I've put my Casey Crespo leggings to a pretty rigorous test over the past month- I've done some intense arial yoga classes, gone running, and tested them out for comfort throughout a 30-hour travel period and a 13 hour flight. I've also dressed them up and worn them out on the town- they're a great essential to go right from a workout to running errands or meeting friends for tacos. 

All said and done, HIGHLY recommend. I haven't been this happy about an addition to my wardrobe for ages and I know that I'll be wearing these leggings until they literally wear out! 

Check out the rest of Casey's collection for more beautiful and practical pieces- I'm a fan of the new moon hoodie and the tunic tank

Leggings: Casey Crespo
Tee: A Beautiful Refuge
Sneakers: Etiko