Citizen's Mark brings my ethically made blazer hunt to an end!

I recently discovered that I've never owned a "real" blazer. Let me explain: for as long as I can remember, I've been buying blazers exclusively from thrift stores. I simply couldn't find any viable ethically made options for blazers for women (aside from the occasional jersey knit "blazer" and a few brightly-pattered or striped options that would pop up occasionally). So, I scoured thrift stores and ended up with a progression of ill-fitting, sometimes unlined, and generally awful items that I made do with. 

Then came Citizen's Mark. Founder Cynthia Salim noticed a lack of high quality, professional wear for young women and decided to do something about it, making sure that every step of production- from fabric selection to finishing- is as transparent and ethical as possible while still maintaining a high quality standard. Watch the video below for a glimpse inside the factories that manufacture Citizen's Mark products: 

Citizen's Mark was kind enough to let me test out one of the jackets in their inaugural collection, and I choose the Canvassed Luxe Fit in black. When the jacket arrived I pulled it out and slipped it on, trying not to get too excited about it- I've always had a hard time finding jackets that look good on my shoulders and fit right in the chest area.

Not only did my Citizen's Mark blazer turn out to be a perfect fit, it's completely unlike all of the low-quality blazers that have passed through my closet. The shape is amazing (my blazer is getting a special suit hanger to ensure that those shoulders stay crisp and perfect), and the fabric looks as luxurious as it feels. 

Though Citizen's Mark blazers aren't "cheap", (the Italian wool and expert craftsmanship aren't going to pay for themselves!), I know that I'll own this jacket for the duration of my career- the classic cut means that it won't go off trend, the durable fabric ensures that my jacket won't easily wear our, pill, or become threadbare. Buying one, quality, ethically made blazer and keeping it in my closet forever rather than spending lesser amounts here and there on poorly made alternatives makes more sense to me in the long run as I carefully curate my ethical wardrobe. 

In addition to black, Citizen's Mark blazers currently come in Navy and Grey. I'm desperately hoping that Citizen's Mark will expand their line in the future to include slacks/skirts as well- I'd love to have a full suit with ethical standards behind it! 

*Citizen's Mark was kind enough to let me choose a jacket from their collection to review- all opinions are my own!