Clothes Stories: Ash and Rose

I've been a bit tardy with ethical clothing posts lately. When it's -25 with windchill and your home is perpetually dark with overcast skies blocking any rays of sunshine, it's hard to take outfit photos (overdramatic, yes, but seriously #summercomesoon). 

I loving the Abene mini dress from Ash & Rose, a boutique featuring a beautifully curated collection of ethical brands. It's the perfect length on a shortie like me, and it's perfect for any occasion! I received the dress just a few days ago and I've already worn it to teach a class for my business Brand Dispatch (paired with boots and a blazer), and a fancy Valentine's Day date (paired with the wedges I'm wearing below and a string of pearls from Starfish Project)! 

I love the angled pockets trimmed with a hint of black piping, the silky inner lining and the squared-v neckline. I also love the eco-friendly ideals behind the dress: it is made from recycled materials, shipped by boat, and packaged in corn-based compostable packaging. 

The fair trade Alpaca Checkered Cowl is the perfect compliment to the dark grey tones in the dress with just a hint of deep purple. If you, like me, don't like constantly re-winding and adjusting big, loopy infinity scarves, you'll love the cowl. it's short enough that it only loops around your neck once, and is comfy and warm to boot. The weaving is gorgeous and the fibers are soft. 


Outfit Details: 

 Abene mini dress from Ash & Rose

 Alpaca Checkered Cowl from Ash & Rose

Wedges: thrifted