Ethical And Eco-Friendly Basics: Constant Simplicity

I'll admit, I generally make my clothing choices based off of whether the company labor policies are fair and ethical more than a consideration of environmental impact. Because I began my conscious consumerism journey focused on fair trade, that's my default. But the more I learn about how environmental justice and social justice are implicitly connected, the more I find myself gravitating toward eco friendly products. 

And when I find a company that's employing practices that are good for both people AND the planet? Jackpot. 

One such company is Constant Simplicity. First, let's discuss labor guidelines. Constant Simplicity manufactures in China, but with great integrity and transparency. Worker wages are made public, a rarity in the fashion industry, even for ethical companies! I suggest that you read the fantastic article on worker salaries found on the Constant Simplicity blog- by far the most thorough and honest piece on this subject I've read. Constant Simplicity's founder has worked with factories in Europe, Africa, America and across Asia- managing production lines in China to boot- so he has an understanding of and compassion toward worker's rights. 

With a price point starting at $25.00, Constant Simplicity's products are affordable and well-made. The line of polos, tees, and dresses (aren't they lovely?) are made from Bamboo rather than the traditional cotton, which saves 400 GALLONS of water per piece. Using bamboo also reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides used to produce the garment- you can read more on the Company's website. 

Constant Simplicity sent Andrew a polo to test, which arrived in a recyclable bag (another point!). We were both pleasantly surprised at the silky quality of the fabric, so luxurious! The wooden buttons are a nice detail, and the collar slim and not bulky (we've all seen those polos with huge, stiff Dracula collars.... *yuck*). A note on fit: Expect sizing to run small and slim. If you have doubts about which size to order, contact the Constant Simplicity team. They were super helpful in helping Andrew get the correct size! 

I'm really happy to have found a great option for affordable, ethical basics in Constant Simplicity- especially thier awesome polos for men. If you have a man in your life who you attempt to shop ethically for, you'll understand my joy. Let me know if you end up trying our Constant Simplicity, I'd love to know what you think! 

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