Consume With Love: Minimalist Jewelry and Unique Accessories

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I'm picky about jewelry. When I first started shopping fair trade, I bought several pieces of colorful, chunky statement jewelry (made from paper beads, seeds, etc- you know the type) because I wanted to support the good work of the companies that made the jewelry. I never really wore those jewelry pieces- which was a good lesson for me in the concept that I shouldn't buy something just because it's from an ethical company and within my budget... it has to be the right style, too, something that I'll wear regularly and cherish for years to come. Colorful and chunky just isn't my style. I prefer minimalist, monotone pieces- tiny stud earrings and delicate necklaces with small pendants. Jewelry pieces that are both affordable and that fit the aesthetic are difficult to find from ethical shops, which is why I am really excited to be working with Consume With Love to show off the perfect necklace and earrings that I found in their shop! 


Consume With Love is a woman-owned online boutique that gathers together a selection of fair trade, sustainable, and cruelty-free products from makers in the USA and around the world. You'll find jewelry, accessories, and even a selection of clothing in the Consume With Love shop, each selected carefully with the ethics behind the product in mind. 


I received a few pieces of silver jewelry- the Teardrop Stud Earrings and the Delicate Infinity Sterling Silver Necklace to review, and both items are beautiful! They're made in the USA by female silversmith and jewelry maker Joanne Simmons, who creates designs inspired by nature and simplicity. Prices are affordable for handmade silver jewelry- $28 and $60 respectively for my earrings and necklace- and the quality and finish are perfect. 

IMG_2547 2.jpg

I can wear my new teardrop earrings and infinity necklace with anything in my closet (a must for me!), and they join my other three jewelry items (yes, two- aside from my wedding rings) to complete my current jewerly collection (the other three items are a tiny brass pendant necklace, classic pearl earrings, and a classic pearl necklace). 


I'll definitely be coming back to Consume with Love for jewelry and accessories needs (I have my eye on a pair of their made-in-Bali wooden sunglasses, next). Affordable prices, unique pieces that I haven't seen in other boutiques, and the commitment to ethical sourcing make me a fan! 


If you spot an item that fills a gap in your perfect wardrobe, shop during Consume With Love's year-end sale on Dec 28-Dec 30  (use code Love30 at checkout) to save on your chosen item.