Deux Mains- sandals for beautiful souls

*A huge thank you to Deux Mains for sponsoring this post! I only review products that I love for companies I believe in, all opinions are my own. 

Lately I've been trying to focus on practicality as well as beauty when it comes to my wardrobe. It's so easy to spot a cute pair of shiny heels at the thrift store or a "fancy" ethically made dress and think "Oh, I've got to have that!".... but those types of items stay unused most days. I really only need a few "fancy" items in my closet, I'm learning, and need to focus more on clothing and accessories that I'll wear on a daily basis. 

Ethical brand Deux Mains sent me a pair of their new Bel Nanm sandals a few weeks ago to test out, and I've been wearing them on a nearly daily basis- they've already molded to my foot a bit and have got a nice little imprint of my toes! They're beautiful enough to wear with a dress for date night, and simple enough to pair with ratty cutoff shorts. 

Deux Mains sandals are made in Haiti from discarded tires and local leather. The company currently manufactures eleven different sandal designs for both men and women, ranging from simple flip flops to the birkenstock-esque men's Bel Nanm sandal. 

I ordered a size six, my normal size in sandals, and the length was perfect for me. I was a bit worried about the leather strap across the front of the sandal, as it was a bit tight across my (admittedly a bit wider than average) foot, but after a quick round of my favorite wool sock and hairdryer trick, the straps fit perfectly. I've worn my new sandals for mile-long walks around my neighborhood with no blisters or uncomfortable rubbing- the leather is soft and flexible and the soles comfortably cushioned. 

Deux Mains not only sources all of their materials with transparency, they hire local workers to manage the workshop and design and produce the products. You can read more about who made your sandals on the Deux Mains website.

Follow the work that Deux Mains is doing in Haiti and stay up to date on the latest product offerings: