Ethical Workwear from Ethos Collection

I'm always thrilled to meet business owners in my area who promote ethical fashion (there's a growing number here, though we aren't quite LA or NYC!), so I was excited to connect with Sara, owner of the new online boutique Ethos Collection. Ethos Collection brings the best of ethical fashion to one, well-curated shop: easy to wear pieces that are classic, comfortable, and neutral. Ethos Collection is a one-stop-shop for the basics you'll need to start building an ethical wardrobe! 

Ethos Collection carries a beautiful range of basics from brands like British brand People Tree, Synergy Organic Clothing, Liz Alig, and Half United. I'm especially excited about the range of People Tree designs at Ethos- even though People Tree is one of my favorite brands, I often hesitate to order because of the hassle of dealing with international shipping and return policies if the garment doesn't fit.

It is through Ethos Collection's People Tree inventory that I finally found the holy grail of ethical workwear- a beautiful navy blue blazer and matching trousers. Both pieces are, incredibly, under $100, making them affordable for even the most cash-strapped ethical fashionista out there!  

The fit of the jacket is lovely- long and lean- and the trousers are a comfortable mid-rise, flattering on all body types. Ethical suiting can be incredibly difficult and expensive to track down, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these pieces in Sara's shop! 

Because this suit is made from organic cotton rather than wool or a synthetic, it's vegan-friendly... plus it works well as a summer staple as well as a gorgeous addition to your fall/winter workwear collection. The thick cotton is sturdy and shiny, and gives plenty of structure to the garments while still remaining incredibly comfortable and easy to move around in! 

For those of you Life+Style+Justice readers who work jobs requiring more formal attire, I hope that this post is helpful to you in your search for workwear! For those of you who aren't looking for a blazer, there are some amazing deals on basics like the jersey skirt ($35-on sale), black leggings ($29), or an adorable striped dress ($75) through Ethos' website as well. 

Ethos will also be offering gift boxes this holiday season with collections of ethical gifts for "the explorer" and "the dreamer"... based on the expertise with which the shop is curated so beautifully I know that they'll be something special, too (and perhaps a great option to give when your relatives ask you for the 40th time "so what CAN I buy you for Christmas"?). 

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Photos by Alex Ry.

The garments in this post were gifted to me, though this post itself is not sponsored by Ethos Collective. All (glowing) opinions are my own.