Clothes Stories: Retro Style

Andrew and I have been trying to be more intentional about "date night"... Over the winter we got into a comfortable routine of "date nights in"(read: soup and netflix), mostly because I didn't want to go anywhere in the dark and cold especially if it meant scraping the snow off the car AGAIN. Can anyone out there relate (Where my Midwesterners at?)?

Now that the summer is here, we're back to our old adventurous selves- picnicking, canoeing, boating, exploring, and eating our way around the Twin Cities. Tuesday night Andrew planned an excursion to a bookstore I hadn't been to (quite a feat- I've been to most in the area!) and dinner at an adorable, tiny Thai eatery. I wore a fun, 100% ethical outfit that was perfect for impromptu dancing on the sidewalk...

Today's clothes story takes us to Cambodia, where Imagine Goods Sustainable Supply Co offers employment and empowerment to artisan groups through several different non-profits. I just love the model that Imagine Goods uses to introduce the artisans- a series of symbols sewn inside the clothing (bobbin, spool, clothes hanger, etc) will tell you who made the item- faces and names are never used. This allows a personal connection between maker and buyer without exploiting the circumstances of the maker and preserving dignity.

Imagine Goods offers products that are smart and stylish- reversible wrap skirts like mine, fancy blouses, vintage-style aprons, and an array of gorgeous home goods and textiles- with prices that are fair and affordable!

I got my vintage scarf at one of the antique shops on the corner by my apartment. I just love the bright bold colors! In the summertime I really struggle sometimes to fix my hair- the humidity and heat leave it limp and flat, and it nearly gives me heatstroke if I wear it down against my neck... enter buns, braids, and scarves.
These shoes were a lucky thrift store find! I've been patiently looking for close-toed lace-ups to go with skirts and dresses unsuccessfully for awhile now and was thrilled to stumble on these. 
Anyway- back to my Imagine Goods skirt- oh, the twirls! Andrew and I go swing dancing quite often (sometimes with his parents, who totally show us up on the dance floor) and I can't wait to wear this to sway to some Sintatra and The Andrews Sisters. The other side of my skirt is red, white, and blue plaid which will be super fun to style for a 4th of July picnic! 
Where to Shop: 
Scarf: Vintage- Thrifted (similar here)
Shoes: Thrifted (similar here)
Pearl Earrings: gift (made by artisans at an organization that supports survivors of religious persecution)