MamAfrica Nabintu Skirt Remix

I received the Nabintu skirt from MamAfrica Designs last week and I wore it almost every day. I'm a huge fan of a good bold, printed skirt- everyone should have one in their wardrobe- and this one is no exception. It's so versatile and can be worn so many different ways, dressed up or dressed down... plus it's fair trade! The making of this skirt keeps traditional printing techniques alive and boosts the local economy in DRC by providing jobs for the factory workers who create the fabric AND the mamas who sew the designs.

I thought it would be fun to style the Nabintu skirt several different ways, corny outfit names and all, so without further ado (and before this post gets way too long):

Polished Hipster 
I'll admit, I'm not much of a coffee person. I've never been able to drink it without getting a caffeine-induced headache, so I've just existed without it (should I win some sort of award for making it through college without coffee?). However, I love coffee shops. The smells, the bustle, the people watching, the atmosphere. Minneapolis has an abundance of hip, fair-trade-selling coffee spots and I would definitely wear this outfit to sip a chai latte with a friend!

One thing that I really love about this skirt is that the elasticised waist allows me to wear it cinched tight on my natural waist or slung lower on my hips. For this outfit, I tucked in the skirt's ties, hiked it up, and added a slim belt. 

Outfit Details: 
Tank // Thrifted 
Necklace // Breaking Free Boutique (Supports Survivors of Sex Trafficking)
Belt // Thrifted 
Shoes // Thrifted 

Farmer's Market 
This outfit is breezy and light and perfect for a morning spent browsing the sunny stalls of your local farmer's market, or maybe checking out an art festival! For this look I wore the skirt on my hips and tied the ties in back. 

Outfit Details: 
Tunic // Thrifted 
Hat // Via Mississippi Market (Made ethically in Mexico by a traditional artisan group)
Bracelets // White: keepsake from the Philippines Red: 31bits Yellow: Freeset
Ring // Sak Saum 
Sandals // Sseeko Designs

Date Night 
This skirt is the perfect statement piece for a quick and easy no-fuss date night outfit! I tied the ties in a big bow around my natural waist, added tights, heels, a red lip, and a messy updo. This might be my favorite way to wear this piece. I wore this outfit to go to a fondue restaurant in downtown Minneapolis with some girlfriends a few days ago and felt super classy. Ethical style doesn't need to be "hippie" or off-trend! 
Outfit Details: 
Earrings // Eden Ministry
Clutch // Sak Saum 
Heels // Handed down from a friend

I'm planning on styling this skirt with a kimono (I know, so trendy right?) and with some color (maybe teal?), next- the possibilities are endless and I know I'll be wearing it often! You can check out more color options for this skirt on the MamaAfrica Website - Every single print is gorgeous and it's so hard to choose (at the completely reasonable price of $35, maybe multiples are in order?)! If you have any questions about fit or quality, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer!