Symbology Clothing

Today I'm sharing about a favorite ethical clothing company! Symbology is a stylish, modern brand with a funky twist- and if you're like me you'll love every carefully curated piece.  

I had the honor of virtually "meeting" Marissa, Anthropologist-turned-fashion-designer and Symbology founder, a little while ago and was able to hear a little bit about her passion for sustainable economic opportunity in India, ethical production, preserving cultural heritage and connecting women globally.

Marissa was, at first, a reluctant incomer to the fashion world. I laughed to myself when I watched this TED talk where Marissa described her initial feelings about fashion: "it's snobby, it's superficial and it's exploitative", as I have often turned up my nose at the likes of Coach and Prada based on the same perceptions of consumerism and vanity. 

Marissa found a way to redeem fashion, however, while studying and traveling through India, meeting women whose lives had been positively impacted through fair trade. The idea for Symbology was born, and has since grown to work with three different artisan groups in India, providing economic opportunities for skilled female artisans. 
Symbology places an emphasis on showcasing the beauty of the culture of India AND providing modern, wearable pieces for the everyday woman. I absolutely adore how each symbology piece features a traditional, block printed motif (you can't go wrong with elephants, peacocks, or paisley, am I right?), yet uses those motifs to create a classic wardrobe staple. 

While some fair trade companies can seem a bit out of touch with style trends (Hey, I love a good "hippie skirt" as much as the next girl, don't get me wrong!), Symbology is spot on. According to Instyle, both black and white and geometric prints are "in" for this Spring/Summer 2014 season, and Symbology's got you covered: 
PLUS, all of the garments above are ON SALE right now, for over 50% off! I love a good sale, and when the clothing is this chic AND empowering, how can one resist? If you're looking for some fair trade and work appropriate wear (one of the everlasting struggles of shopping fair trade!), take a peek!

P.S. I just realized that I used a fair amount of capital letters in this post... sorry-not-sorry for virtually YELLING from the rooftops how much I admire this company and love these clothes! Stay tuned for more Symbology love throughout the summer!