Clothes Stories: Oranges and Bows

I posted on instagram this weekend about the cakes that I'm making for my little brother's wedding in a few weeks (my little brother is getting married...goodness gracious), which reminded me that I've been meaning to write about my adorable apron! I'm quite a fan of fair trade baking (and I love my fair trade vanilla, sugar, chocolate & cocoa, etc!) and I figured that it would only be fitting to have a fair trade apron to don when the urge to whisk and whip strikes.

This beauty is from Imagine Goods (which I've already written a bit about here), an organization employing artisans in Cambodia. Not limited to skirts, dresses and blouses, they also have a lovely array of vintage-style aprons, as well as tablecloths and other kitchen textiles.

I chose the "Madeline" apron in a darling orange print. You can also purchase a matching child's apron, too cute! 

Which apron is your favorite? Do you wear aprons when you bake or cook?