Clothes Stories: Symbology Three Ways

Good Morning! Remember my post a few weeks back about my love for Symbology Clothing's adorable fair trade prints? Today I'm excited to be partnering with Symbology to style the adorable Kissing Elephants Shift Dress! P.S. if you haven't checked out the sale that's going on at Symbology right now, you should- the dress in this post is 50% off and there are numerous other deals to swoon over.

City Chic:
I got creative and belted the dress and hiked it up to serve as a blouse for this look. Perfect for a day of meetings (and think how quickly you could transition this to an evening cocktail outfit! Thow some heels in your bag, shed the jeans, swap out the statement necklace for something a bit more delicate and voila!

Dress: Symbology
Necklace: Starfish Project
Blazer: H&M Conscious Collection (several years old, I no longer shop at H&M despite thier label "most ethical company 2014" for the following reasons: 1/ 2 )
Belt/Shoes/Jeans: Thrifted

Art Student:
This dress is so loose and comfortable, not to mention the fabric is silky-soft! Paired with a well-worn fair trade jute messenger bag+ string of paper beads, it makes for a comfortable and casual look that's still polished and sophisticated.

Dress: Symbology
Necklace: Ember Arts
Bag: Freeset
Shoes: Thrifted

Sunday Brunch:
I'm a huge believer in weekend brunching. I'd wear this look to sip mimosas on the patio of my favorite little ivy-covered cafe in the art district! Belting at the natural waist gives a bit more shape to a shift dress and ups the glam factor.

Dress: Symbology
Earrings: Ember Arts 
Shoes/Belt/Hat: Thrifted

If you take advantage of Symbology's sale,  be sure to let me know! I'd love to see how you wear Symbology!