Zero Waste in the Philippines: A Resource List

Since moving to the Philippines, maintaining a zero waste lifestyle has been a bit more challenging than it would be in the states. Some stores have small bulk dry goods sections, but selection is limited. Many products come in single-serving size plastic sachets. Every time I go to the beach, I see lots of straws, takeaway cups, plastic food wrappers, and more- making me even more motivated to keep on going with my zero waste aspirations! 

Food is fairly easy to buy zero waste, as long as I stick to outdoor markets where much of the produce is free from plastic. Hygiene items and practical home goods have been a bit more difficult to source. 

Thankfully, I've found a few great communities on Facebook and Instagram made up of local and expat sustainable-living advocates who have pointed me in the right direction to find my favorite zero-waste living products locally. 

Keep scrolling for my zero-waste living resource list, and click on the photo to send a message to the companies listed if you'd like to purchase a product I've featured here. 

I'll continue adding to this list as I discover more resources for sustainable living in the Philippines! If you know any stores or social enterprises selling goods that are useful for a zero-waste lifestyle that aren't listed here, shoot me a message or leave a comment so that I can include them. 

Reusable Coffee Cups/Keep Cup | Cupping Initative

The good souls behind Cupping Initiative are official distributors for Keep Cups in the Philippines. There are tons of styles and colors available for every coffee lover! Check them out in person at Ella and the Blackbird in Quezon City, or place an order through Instagram or Facebook. Andrew and I have the 16 0z Long Play and the 8oz Brew Cup, respectively. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes | Minka Ventures 

Find your bamboo toothbrushes through Minka Ventures! Remember, only the handle is compostable, though, and dispose of the bristles responsibly when your toothbrush reaches the end of it's lifestyle! 

Wax Wraps | Island Happy PH 

Beeswax wraps are a must for zero-waste food storage and transport. Mine are from an overseas company, but it's good to know that when I need more I can restock from Island Happy PH! 

Reusable Straws

These reusable straws even come in a cute, locally made, woven pouch! 

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Plastic-Free Water Bottle | Klean Kanteen PH

Everyone's favorite stainless steel water bottle line is distributed in the Philippines! I love that Klean Kanteen is involved in local anti-plastic-waste initiatives, too. 

Cloth Pads | Ka Nami 

Ka Nami has a great variety of cloth pads available for as little as 100 pesos ($2.00). Order through their Facebook page. 

Menstrual Cup | Sinaya Cup 

Sinaya cup has brought the silicone menstrual cup to the Philippines! This fantastic little company donates cups to the local community, and gives educational talks on menstural health and waste reduction as well. The company estimates that through distribution of Sinaya Cups, 122,056 napkins and tampons have been diverted from landfills already! 

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Reusable Product Bags & Utensil Rolls | A Beautiful Refuge 

Of course I have to plug A Beautiful Refuge! Bulk bags and utensil rolls from ABR are for sale in the Philippines, and we're working on more zero-waste living supplies for the new year! Both the bulk bags and utensil rolls are made with scrap fabrics that we received as donations from either individual seamstresses, or from student projects at SOFA fashion design school. 

Bulk Cleaning and Hygine Products | Ritual

Zero-waste store Ritual carries all the cleaning supplies you need. Washing powder, baking soda, an all-natural deodorizing spray, dish soap. Refills are available, and the bottles used to house the products in the first place are recycled gin bottles! Along with cleaning supplies, Ritual sells refillable shampoo, foodstuffs, and other sundry goods. 

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Honorable Mention: 

Lush Philippines sells package-free soap and shampoo bars as well as lotion bars. There are some undesirable chemicals in these, however. 
A variety of Metal Safety Razors can be purchased online for delivery through Lazada 
Metal Bento Boxes and food storage containers are easy to find in Japan Home Stores. I've also had good luck finding glass containers with glass (not plastic) lids here.