Invigorating Green Tea Scrub for An At Home Spa Day

This post is brought to you in partnership with Numi Tea. I'm compensated for my work for Numi, a company that values all the workers + voices that bring Numi to you! 

At least once a week, someone asks me "how do you do it all"? Sometimes with an air of admiration, but most often with a thinly veiled "are you okay, honey?" look of concern. It's true, my life right now is incredibly stressful and I'm doing more than I should be. However, it's only for a season, and I have a wonderful support network around me. My sweet friend Jella who lives in my building has a key to my place and snuck in last night to leave me a heating pad and a homemade meal because she knew I'd had a long, 17 hour workday and was dealing with achy joints. My friend Rochelle will text me on a regular basis to make sure that I'm taking moments to rest. And Andrew holds me together when I'm falling apart and does EVERYTHING to make sure that I can pursue the things I'm passionate about. 

Where I fail terribly at self care, Andrew really excels. His personality is laid back and nurturing where mine is aggressive and independent. He is so good at making people feel cared for and heard and loved -taking time for everyone, even down to the cashier at the grocery store- and I've been the lucky recipient of Andrew's care and support for the nearly 5 years we've been together. Andrew knows exactly how to help me calm down and relax, and he specializes in planning day-long, elaborate scavenger hunts, building blanket forts, and planning DIY "spa days". He often surprises me at the end of a long trip or a hard day with a spotless bathroom equipped with candles, cucumber water, fresh flowers, and a variety of homemade, zero-waste and all-natural bath and body products- like DIY bubble bath and tea soaks! His latest creation is a green tea sugar scrub using Numi Tea's Matcha Green Tea Powder . It's emerald green and smells divine, and uses just four ingredients. 

1 cup sugar
1/3 cup olive oil or coconut oil
1 TB Numi Matcha Green Tea Powder
2 TB honey

Mix wet and dry ingredients separately, then stir together. Enjoy scrubbing up in the shower and then rinsing off your now silky-smooth skin!