The Ethical Home: JOYN

I've been painting and sewing and gathering like crazy and I'm so close to shooting My "official" ethical living room makeover post! In the meantime, though, I had to take a time-out for a few close ups of the latest addition to the room: these fantastic block-printed pillows from JOYN

JOYN is based out of beautiful, colorful India and the textiles that the company produces are a reflection of that. In addition to pillow covers and table runners, the artisans at JOYN skillfully craft leather and JOYN's signature patterned fabrics into beautiful bags, backpacks, clutches, headbands, and scarves. You can see more of the process in a sweet video on JOYN's website. 

JOYN was started in 2010 by husband and wife team Melody and Dave, stirred by a desire to provide more than just aid to impoverished communities, but sustainable change and growth. 

JOYN's team has grown to include staff from 6 nationalities and every step of production is done by JOYN artisans- from creating the fabric, to block printing, to sewing!

JOYN is on the verge of releasing their spring line with an array of gorgeous patterns and bright colors! I'm giving you a little sneek peek below (with permission of course!):  

Which new pattern is your favorite? Mine is clearly the gold Moroccan pattern but the runner-up would have to be the teal and white!