Just Coffee... but so much more.

Coffee is a big deal around here. It's a daily staple for Andrew, and a fair trade fascination for me. We've purchased fair trade coffee only for the nearly-three-years that we've lived under the same roof, and we've discovered many wonderful businesses and organizations along the way! 

This month, we were introduced to Just Coffee, a midwest-based coffee business with a penchant for only the most ethical business practices. Born out of a desire to serve coffee farmers in Mexico who were struggling to find a fair-wage market for their beans, Just Coffee has grown to work with over 20 cooperatives around the world. 

Here's what gets me about this company, guys. The TRANSPARENCY. You can hop on to Just Coffee's website and literally view the contracts that they've signed with their cooperatives. When was the last time a company, even a fair trade or "ethical" one gave you that much information as a consumer? It's radical, it's awesome, we need more companies like Just Coffee in the world. 

Just Coffee's hilarious and kind marketing manager sent my resident coffee snob and taste-tester and I some Just Coffee blends to try and Andrew has been in coffee heaven for the past week. So far he's tested out Las Diosas (a medium roast) Maya Super Dark (A smoky, rich, dark roast), and Cabin Fever (a seasonal blend with cinnamon and chocolately notes). 

Though each and every blend was a hit, the favorite definitely seems to be Cabin Fever... Andrew is already finished with the bag (I had to look up the recommended amount of caffeine on a medical website to make sure that he wasn't going to keel over from excess caffeine guzzling. Turns out he's within the accepted limit. Whew.)! 

If you're a coffee lover, Just Coffee offers a subscription service that will deliver a supply of freshly roasted, fairer-than-fair coffee to your doorstep each month. If you want to test out a bag before committing, check your local Whole Foods or co-op (if they don't carry Just Coffee, request that they do!) or hop online and order there!