Shop Ethically on a budget with new shop Love Justly!

This post was generously sponsored by Love Justly. A huge thank you to Love Justly for supporting Life+Style+Justice and also for creating a resource for conscious consumers on tight budgets! 

In several years of blogging about making ethical consumer choices, I've heard many objections to purchasing only ethically sourced clothing. The most common of these objections is that ethical fashion is just too expensive! While it's true that sweatshop-free goods are more costly than their conventional counterparts, there are so many great resources for keeping your wardrobe fresh and ethical without blowing your budget: clothing swaps, thrifting, borrowing, purchasing more expensive items on sale.... and now, shopping through Love Justly

Love Justly partners with your favorite ethical fashion and accessory brands to help move products that may be overstocked or selling too slowly by selling them at discounted prices. Love Justly's site offers clothing, bags, jewelry, and even children's items for up to 50% off! 

It's really a win-win situation for everyone involved: 
Companies that are losing money by sitting on product that won't sell are able to recuperate their costs and clear out old inventory. 

Consumers who might not otherwise be able to work an ethically made maxi dress or pair of shorts into their clothing budget can now find those items for the wallet-friendly cost of just $19.49 or $39.99

All artisans, of course, are paid in full for their work! 

One of my favorite features of Love Justly's website is that you can shop by your size, bypassing the online-shopping frustration of clicking on all the items you like only to find that those items are sold out in your size (this happens to me so often, especially if I'm shopping sale items!). 

I checked out the XS section on Love Justly and found the cute elephant block-printed tunic I'm wearing for $45.00 (originally $90.00). I'd been wanting to add a lightweight, tunic-style top to my wardrobe to use as sun protection (when I can, I prefer wearing a breezy long sleeve shirt to using copious amounts of sunscreen). My new tunic will work perfectly for it's intended purpose and the fabric and quality is great! 

It's important to note that each item on Love Justly's site is available in limited quantities, so items may sell out. However, new items are added every month and some items may re-appear after they've sold out depending on the supplier's inventory. Follow Love Justly on facebook and instagram to stay up to date on the newest products added to the shop! 

All companies featured on Love Justly are required to fit one of the following categories:
1) fair trade
2) ethically sourced (some items may still be ethical, but don't have the official fair trade label)
3) social mission (give back to others through the product)

You can learn more about the companies Love Justly currently partners with on the Love Justly Blog