Manos Zapotecas

*A huge thank you to Manos Zapotecas for sponsoring this post! I only review products that I love for companies I believe in, all opinions are my own. 

If you’ve been around the ethical blogging community for awhile, you’ve probably seen a few Manos Zapotecas bags floating around the internet on the arms of fair fashion aficionados. Though I’ve admired the brand from afar and included them on my ethical shopping page, I’d never actually laid eyes on a Manos Zapotecas product in real life. When the company reached out for a review I was happy to finally get to see what all the buzz is about!  

Manos Zapotecas seeks to keep traditional artistry alive by choosing traditional designs for the hand-woven fabrics incorporated in each piece in the shop: God’s eye, agave, butterfly. You can learn more about the significance of each design on the company’s website, or view a video of the weaving and dyeing process!

Manos Zapotecas employs many talented artisans, and is committed to providing fair wages and opportunities for growth and empowerment. 

The fall Equinox line by Manos Zapotecas line is stunning. I chose the ochre and Ash “Gloria” bag to test- which just happens to be the most popular item in the shop… small wonder, too- it’s generously sized to hold a laptop or even to pack as an overnight bag, but not bulky or heavy.

The wool is thick and sturdy, and the leather straps smooth and strong. I’d purchase from Manos Zapotecas for that reason alone- when I purchase a bag I want it to last for years of daily use!

Check out the entire Manos Zapotecas fall line on their website or follow them on Instagram for beautiful photos of their goods and production processes!