Matter Prints- More Than Just "Pants To See The World In" Now!

This post is in collaboration with Matter Prints, a brand that I have partnered with before here on Life+Style+Justice! I was compensated for my work on this post, and received a garment for review.

I’ve loved Matter Prints ever since a dear friend in Singapore, where Matter Prints is based, introduced them to me years ago. A clothing company taking traditional Asian garments and turning them into modern, wearable pieces that will last in your closet for decades while employing artisans practicing traditional crafts like weaving and block printing? My attention was caught!

But the reason I love Matter Prints the most? They’re not afraid to be transparent. Since I’ve started asking brands to share more specifics with me before being featured on Life+Style+Justice (like what the minimum government wage is in the area where they manufacture, and how much their artisans actually make in comparison), I’ve had many, many potential collaborations fall through- I’m amazed at how many brands don’t want to give out even the most basic information beyond vauge marketing promises of “we definitely pay well and empower workers out of poverty”. 

Matter fabrics are sourced carefully throughout India and Indonesia, with every new supplier being vetted thoroughly to ensure that they meet Matter’s standards for good ethics and sustainability. Matter ONLY works with natural fibers, and utilizes cutting patterns that leave very little scrap fabric (and what’s left can biodegrade)! Matter Print’s sewing facility enforces an 8 hours work day, provides health benefits to employees, and pays at 15-20% over what sewers would make elsewhere.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the quality and texture of Matter Prints’ fabrics. I have had my lovely black jumpsuit from Matter Prints for a year now, wearing it often, and it has held up so well. The dye hasn’t faded one bit, there are no worn or pilled areas on the fabric, and it still looks pretty much like it did when I purchased it.

The fabric used to make the darling little Midi Tunic Dress I’m wearing in this post is the same heavy but breathable woven fabric that I’ve come to expect from Matter Prints. When I took photos wearing it here in Manila it was 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity…. Sweat was running down my legs and my camera lens was fogging up between every shot, but I was still comfortable due to the loose fit and keyhole back incorporated in the design.

If you’re super short, like me, know that the Midi Tunic dress is cut quite big and loose. Though I’m always drawn to boxy, minimalist cuts, I sometimes feel like I drown a bit in them… After looking at the photos I took for this post I think that I might have my dress nipped in a bit to make it fit my body type just a tad better. When you’re deciding what Matter Dress style to purchase, I recommend that you take a look at other women of varying shapes and sizes wearing them on Matter Print’s blog to determine which silhouette is best for you!

Aside from the Midi Tunic dress (which comes in two different prints), Matter Prints just released a long-sleeved shirt dress! If you’d like to see more photos of women around the world sporting Matter’s dress offerings, head over to their Instagram for a healthy serving of style “to see the world in”.

Comment below if you have any questions about the fit, comfort, or value of this dress! I’d love to answer!