Sentimental Value: Northwood Rings

Some of my most often-received emails through Life+Style+Justice are questions about where to find ethically made wedding and engagement rings. I'm happy to be partnering with Northwood Rings to bring you this post, in plenty of time for valentine's day/engagement season! Use code LSJ2017 for 10% off your order at Northwood Rings until Feb 6, 2017. 

I'm just going to admit it- Andrew and I are ridiculously sentimental. We love being in love, we love collecting photographs and love letters, we love reminiscing about past adventures and planning new ones together. When we were downsizing recently to prepare for our big move, we sold or gave away most of our belongings. Our remaining stuff fits into 9 boxes, which are filled with the following: 

3 boxes: dishes and kitchen things
1 box: winter clothing and boots
3 boxes: Books and board games
1 box: assorted household goods
1 box: sentimental items: letters, a doll my grandmother gave to me, a family recipe book, my wedding dress, etc. 

Even as a minimalist in many ways, I still think it's important to make room in our lives for items that might not be "necessary" but are meaningful and bring us joy. For example: Andrew and I seriously considered not purchasing wedding rings at all when we were married (we were this close to just getting matching tattoos!), but ended up deciding that we valued the sentimentality and meaning behind them enough to invest in something beautiful and ethically sourced that would serve as an heirloom for years to come.  

Even though we wanted to purchase rings that were quality and would last a lifetime, Andrew and I agreed that we didn't want to spend much money. The diamond industry, in addition to being exploitative toward workers within the industry, is a bit of a scam. I think it's a bit awful that couples are expected to spend an average of nearly $5000.00 on a shiny bit of rock, anyway. I can think of so many other ways to spend that kind of cash. 

So were two in-love conscious consumers to do? We looked around a bit and found a solution that we felt good about: my engagement ring is an old 1920's vintage piece, and Andrew's band was made by an independent artist from recycled silver. 

My wedding band was the one slight dud- I just got a $30.00 little silver band off Etsy to pair with my engagement ring... It worked for awhile, but over the past 3.5 the design on the band has gotten a bit worn. I'd started looking for a simple replacement (but heirloom quality this time!) when I came across Northwood Rings.

Northwood Rings makes alternative wedding, engagement or just any-occasion rings from a combination of bent wood, precious metals, and stones or shells. Prices range from under $200.00 to around $600.00. Northwood offers care for life, ensuring that your ring will last. 

My band from Northwood has a sterling silver liner and a malachite inlay set in in ebony wood. It's a beautiful and eco friendly alternative to a traditional band, and I love the smooth glossy finish! 

Check out all of Northwood Rings' eye-catching designs on their website! If you're in the market for an ethically made engagement ring that fits your values, Northwood Rings might be the right choice for you! Use code LSJ2017 for 10% off your order at Northwood Rings until Feb 6, 2017.