Practical Ethical Gifts

A few practical gifts you can add to your list, ideal if you don't really NEED anything but your family keeps asking you for a Christmas list! 

Mable Toothbrush 

Available via Mable*

Andrew and I love our toothbrushes from MABLE! When they reach the end of their life cycle, we can just pull out the bristles and add them to our compost bin. 

Use code smiles for 10% off

Abeego Beeswax Wraps

$18 for a set of three
Available at Life Without Plastic

Made from a blend of hemp and certified organic cotton impregnated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, these food wraps are a reusable option meant to replace plastic wrap in your kitchen! 

Soap Nuts 

Available at

Soap "nuts" are actually a dried berry that produces a natural detergent when wet. They are awesome for doing laundry- zero waste, all natural, and they get things clean! I got these for Christmas last year and they lasted Andrew and I for almost a year's worth of laundry. Incredible. 

Keep Cup 

Available at

Never use a disposable coffee cup again- just keep this beautiful resuable one in your purse or backpack. Made in Australia! 

2-Tier Tiffin

Available at Life Without Plastic

Stainless steel tiffins are the perfect lunch-carrying accessory for the conscious consumer. No plastic! 

Stainless Steel Razor

Available on

Replace the plastic disposable razors you've been using with a stainless steel beauty that will last you a lifetime (just buy a replacement steel blade every once in a while. Ladies, your legs will be smoother than they've ever been. You're welcome.