Resolutions. Love them or hate them, there's no denying that it's empowering to dream about a fresh, new year and all of the possibilities within it. 

I love resolution making because I love lists. Each year, on my birthday in December I make a list of the personal goals I'd like to accomplish in my next year of life, and as the end of December rolls around I plan out the lifestyle changes- some small, some big- that I'm shooting for in the New Year.  

Here are 4 of the resolutions that I'm making for 2016: 

1. To rid my home of all the things I'm "saving". 

I'm generally not a "collector". I don't have a lot of stuff (okay, Andrew and I have collectively amassed an impressive board game hoard... but that doesn't count!), but I do have a tendency to hold on to things that I think I can re-use. The fabric from that worn-out dress that I can totally use for something else, that cool vintage map that I was going to do an art project with, the broken camera tripod that I think I can fix. My goal in 2016 is to give myself a time frame to use up these materials. If I still haven't used them when the date arrives, I'll donate them or recycle them. 

2. To Purchase 8 or less pieces of clothing/shoes/jewelry. 

I have everything I need, really- I was originally going to set a goal of not purchasing anything for my closet in 2016 but that seemed a bit hard to keep- realistically, My bathing suit's fabric is getting thin and faded and I know I'll need to replace it this summer, and I might need a new pair of jeans as well... 

3. To Take The Next Steps Toward A Sustainable Life

In 2015 Andrew and I started composting, changed our diet to be nearly completely plant-based, and severely reduced our use of plastic. This year, I want to overhaul my makeup supplies (I still use the same 5 makeup items from The Body Shop that I've always used, and I know I can find cleaner products!). I also want to purchase a good-sized purse (I know, I know... I'm a grown woman who doesn't carry a purse) and start carrying around a "zero waste kit" to ensure that I won't get stuck in a situation where I don't have a reusable cup or utensils to use, etc. The continuing journey to be as plastic-free as possible will continue as well. 

4. To Find A Rhythm

I've made quite a few big lifestyle changes in the past few years- most notably, quitting my 9-5, and I feel as though simple daily rhythms are missing from my life after 2 years of hustling. I'm making a resolution to practice morning and evening routines like reading, drinking water, straightening my home each night before I sleep, and getting dressed in "real" clothes each day (no more working in yoga pants on the couch)! 


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