On Fashion and Women's Rights

This post is sponsored by ROUND + SQUARE Jella and I received products for review and were compensated for our work for the brand! 


Fashion and Women’s rights can not be separated from one another. As women’s rights activists, we talk about wage inequality between men and women. Did you know that garment workers are among lowest paid workers in the world? And roughly 85% of them are women? 


We talk about corporate workplaces that are free of sexual harassment. Garment factories are among some of the worst global offenders for workplace harassment (look at the research done by Human Rights Watch). We can’t be detached from the women who have made our clothes, while shouting out our women’s empowerment anthems.


I love this poem by Hollie Mcnish which captures this sentiment perfectly:

If the girl who made your skirt’s unpaid
you cannot say it’s beautiful
if the pay is less than living wage
you cannot say it’s beautiful
if the colored dyes now lie in rivers
poisoned fish, polluted waters
if there’s no sick pay, no toilet breaks
if the factories are in decay
no matter what your mirror says
or how stylish you may look today
you cannot claim it’s beautiful.


If your feminist tee comes from a sweatshop, it’s not really a feminist tee. That’s why I like ROUND + SQUARE . ROUND + SQUARE ’s tees promote fundraising for justice and equality for women and girls (through veteran organization Equality Now), while selling products that are ethically  sourced.


I've been extremely lucky to meet so many inspiring women from different parts of the globe who are fighting for ethical fashion and better treatment of workers around the world. Especially this past year- women who call Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Germany, and the Philippines home have all taught me things that have challenged my perceptions, inspired me to be more inclusive in the way that I talk about ethical fashion, and encouraged me to be faithful in my pursuit of both social justice and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle of my own. 

One of these women is Jella- soul sister, friend, and fellow ethical fashion lover. We met through instagram, and have since gone on to work on many fashion equality projects together- speaking on ethical fashion and minimalism, organizing Fashion Revolution Events, and even putting on the Christmas party at A Beautiful Refuge for the workshop employees. It's been so wonderful to connect with a friend as like-minded as Jella, halfway around the world from my own home, and to have the support and camraderie I need to keep going when things get challenging. 

My sunflower dot bandana and Jella's let's make equality a reality bandana are made in a clean and safe facility in Italy. They are 100% silk and produced at the first textile business worldwide to endorse the Greenpeace detox campaign. The woven labels are made with recycled PET bottles.  The paisley embroidered tee I'm wearing is intricately embroidered, not screenprinted, and is crafted with 100% biodegradableGOTS certified organic cotton by fairly paid workers in Turkey. Each design is printed with subtle words and symbols for freedom and equality. However, If you're more of a slogan girl, take a look at the equal power or girl power tee designs. 


30% of your purchase from ROUND + SQUARE  goes directly to Equality Now, an organization fighting gender-based inequality worldwide with a focus on the legal aspect of that inequality. Working in Africa, the Americas, The Middle East, and Asia Pacific region, Equality Now tackles issues like female genital mutilation, sex trafficking, legal issues involving women, and domestic violence.


Here's to more fashion collaborations that focus on global equality for women, and here's to the sisterhoods that make us stronger!