Seifer: Ethical and Innovative Activewear for Men

Transparency disclosure- I'm an affiliate for this campaign, meaning that if you become a Indiegogo supporter, Life+Style+Justice gets a small kickback. I only promote Indiegogo campaigns that I personally support + think are really cool. 

 So, I'm married to a 6'4" man. Taking selfies together usually results in just my forehead being visible, when I try to do that cute "wearing my boyfriend's sweater" thing I look like a child dressing up in their parents' old clothes.... and finding clothing that fits him well is a struggle (especially since we limit ourselves to ethical manufacturers only). I am constantly frustrated by trying to decide whether to go for the shirt size that fits his height but is a little too loose or the one that is too short but fits everywhere else.  

When I got an email from Benjamin Siverly, founder of new ethical men's activewear brand Seifer, I was immediately intrigued by his innovative sizing system. As he explains in the brand's Indiegogo video, many men don't fit into traditional S,M,L,XL sizing- so why don't we have more options? Seifer's first product, a simple athletic shirt, comes in 9 sizes that combine one's height and build to create an option that will feel like a made-to-order garment without the expense! 

Awesome! But what about ethics?

First, let's talk fabric. Most activewear is made with synthetic fabrics (It sort of has to be-  that's how we get the mobility and stretch that we need in our sports clothing- this article from fellow ethical blogger Alden explains more). As a consumer who's extremely concerned by the amount of synthetic fibers making their way into our oceans and ecosystems, I want to buy the most eco-conscious synthetic fibers that I can... and Seifer delivers. 

  1. Seifer's fabric is made by recycling old polyester clothing and spinning it into new yarn. This yarn gets blended with tencel, an eco-friendly fabric made from eucalyptus, resulting in an odor-fighting, tough, flexible fabric that uses up significantly less energy than manufacturing new polyester.  
  2. In studies by Plymouth University, researchers found that polyester and polyester blends shed less fibers during washing than other synthetic fabrics, like acrylic, making it a better choice among synthetics. 
  3. Seifer garments are made to last, ensuring that you won't need to re-purchase every few months because your garment has pilled up or fallen apart. Buy better, buy less. 

Next, manufacturing: Seifer's garments are manufactured in the USA, in a factory that pays fair wages. Check! 

Affordability is another angle that Seifer has going on. Shirts are $30 or under on Indiegogo, depending on which support package you choose, and those savings will continue once the brand is launched. As a firm believer in the idea that ethical fashion shouldn't be "elitist" and only available to folks with lots of extra cash to throw around, I appreciate Seifer's honest pricing and transparency.  

So go ahead, grab a shirt or two on Indiegogo (maybe you need to check that hard-to-shop-for guy off of your Christmas giving list)! You'll be supporting honesty, ethics, and innovation in the men's clothing market, and you'll be one of the first to sport a Seifer shirt. Got questions? There's a pretty thorough writeup on every aspect of the brand on Indiegogo and I'd encourage you to give it a read! If you have any pressing questions after that, email Benjamin and he'll be able to help you out!