ShopAffect : Cards (and more!) for A Cause

Today's post has been graciously sponsored by ShopAffect, whose transparency and desire to do business in an ethical way is amazing! Check out the ShopAffect online store and explore the initiatives they're working on to create a community of conscious consumers. As always, all opinions contained in the post below are my own and I'll never promote a product of company that I don't feel wonderfully about endorsing. Thanks for supporting the companies that keep Life+Style+Justice on the web! 

While I love narrowly curated ethical boutiques that carry just a few special pieces, I love the practicality (and smaller footprint... less shipping!) of companies that offer a variety of everyday, ethically made products. ShopAffect, a newcomer to the conscious marketplace, is one such company.  Visit the website and you'll be able to find everything from soap to footwear to food items to apparel. Shops like these are the closest we'll get, for now, to an ethical mall or and I'll take it! 

If you've read my blog for awhile, you may know that I'm not the biggest fan of "one for one" models in general *coughtomsshoescough* and tend to choose not to purchase products that are marketed as one-for-one. However, I've found the exception through ShopAffect's "cards for a cause" initiative. 

When you purchase a card through ShopAffect, you'll be able to send a cart to someone who needs it through the checkout options. If you don't have a friend in mind to surprise, you can choose to send a card "where it's needed most". These donated cards will be sent either to a random individual who has through the request wall any excess cards will be donated to a children's hospital.

Each card is created by an independent artist/designer and printed in small batches in the USA. Each envelope is hand-stamped before being mailed out with your order. 

And- bonus- no cheesy sayings, NO glitter, and no plastic embossing (you'll be happy to hear this if you're the type of person who feels that the card section at pretty much any major retail store is an affront to the senses). I also love that ShopAffect is promoting the work of some great artists+designers and giving them a platform to share their talent (the designers get credit for their work). 

Because ShopAffect sells card designs by several different artists, there's a wonderful variety of cards to choose from. My favorites are this "thank you" card and this soothing "get well" missive. Communicating with cards and letters is somewhat of a dying practice, and I think it's so meaningful to take things offline once in awhile and let someone know that you care about them enough to take more than just a few minutes of typing to tell them so. 

Keep an eye of for more great offerings from ShopAffect as the company grows and gains momentum + follow along on Instagram or Facebook!