Join DoneGood for Shop For Good Sunday and Save on 44 Ethical Brands!

This post isn't sponsored, but I am a DoneGood partner and will receive a small commission when Life+Style+Justice readers install DoneGood (get it HERE!). 

It's that time of year when the siren call of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales sounds again. Saving money is so appealing- and the effortlessness of shopping online from our tried-and-true big box stores is impressive. In Contrast, ethical shopping can be tough. It's more expensive, it's harder to find the items you're looking for, it requires a lot of research, and cheap two-day shipping is rare (how did Amazon make us all so accustomed to that instant gratification?). 

Tonight, on the Eve of Black Friday, I want to encourage you to #resist the status quo of holiday shopping, and I have TWO things to share with you to help make your holiday shopping more ethical AND more affordable. First, I want to introduce you to a nifty little shopping tool called DoneGood.

I get lots of emails from blog readers asking me to help them find a certain item made ethically (a button down shirt, running shoes, underwear), because they're burnt out on trying to track that specific product or garment down. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a little shopping genie who would pop up next to us, offering alternatives for unethically made goods automatically? Good news- we already sort of have that in the form of DoneGood's browser extension and app

DoneGood launched nationally on Cyber Monday of last year. Cofounders Cullen Schwarz and Scott Jacobsen quit their day jobs to make their dream of harnessing consumer's purchasing power to impact the world in a positive way a reality. I love how Cullen describes their mission: "we believe the most underutilized force for change in the world is the power of consumer spending. If we can align systems so that even a fraction of the massive amount of money consumers spend every year also reduces inequality, helps people lift themselves out of poverty and fights climate change, the impact can be enormous!"


Wondering how DoneGood works? Simply Install DoneGood (it literally takes 2 clicks and a few seconds), and you're good to go! Once installed, the extension will simply run in the background while you browse products online as you normally would, and automatically show you ethical, mission-driven alternatives (from HUNDREDS of ethical companies) for big name companies when you search for products on Google or Amazon or go to a big name company’s website. 

DoneGood also has an app which allows you to enter a product you're looking for and select values that are important to you (“eco-friendly”, “empowers workers”, “woman-owned”, etc). 

Amazon search, mens shoes, multiple options.PNG

While using the DoneGood browser extension and app, you'll also have access to tons of great promos and discounts to Done Good's partner brands! 

As if DoneGood needed to do anything else to win me over... They've now added a "Trump Alert" to the browser extension that automatically lets you know when a company sells Trump products or otherwise supports Trump so you can avoid them. You can choose to turn this extra alert on or off, depending on preference. 

Trump Alert_Macys.PNG

In addition to the good work that Done Good is promoting on a daily basis, they've teamed up with a host of ethical businesses this year to create Shop For Good Sunday- a shopping event that seeks to counteract Black Friday's unethical consumerism by making it easy and affordable to spend our holiday shopping dollars on products that have a positive impact. Check out this blog post for discount codes for 44 different ethical brands, and browse the Shop For Good Sunday website to discover a host of wonderful, conscious companies where you can buy meaningful gifts for friends and family this holiday season. I consider myself pretty well versed in ethical brands, and I discovered several brands that I hadn't heard of before. 

While you're checking out DoneGood, be sure to take a peek at the new DoneGood Shop site , which puts thousands of products from hundreds of brands that all do good for people and the planet all in one place.  Users can browse items and brands, or use the DoneGood search engine on the site to instantly search for what they’re looking for on the websites of hundreds of social impact brands at once. It’s like the Amazon of the social impact space!

Let me know if you Install DoneGood's browser extension and try it out, I'd love to hear about your experience.