Sustainable Lighting from Skura

Sourcing ethical clothing has become quite easy, in my opinion, but sourcing home goods is a bit harder  (there are hundreds of different options for ethical clothing in my shopping guide here on Life+Style+Justice, but far fewer options for home goods)! I love coming across brands that create sustainably made lighting, furniture, dishes, and other essentials- like Lithuanian brand Skura Designs

Skura lamps are made with wood, coconut shells, and metal fittings. The unique design of the coconut shell lamps allows light to pass through a myriad of tiny holes, creating a lacy pattern of shadows on the wall. 

Andrew and I have the soloist coconut lamp in our bedroom and it is perfect for when we need some soft lighting for relaxing and winding down after a long day... It would also be perfect as a nightlight for a child's bedroom or as a statement piece in your office or living room! 

Every once and awhile a product comes along that is so intricate, beautiful and fun that it almost seems like an added bonus that it serves a need in daily life. Skura's lamps certainly fit into that category- they look like art but function like a lamp! 

You can check Skura's complete line out on their website, or on instagram or facebook