Making my own "sport drink" with Numi Fair Trade Tea

While in the Philippines a few months ago to set up A Beautiful Refuge, I ended up sick for quite a few days and struggled to stay hydrated in the super hot and humid weather, without air conditioning or my normal natural-remedy arsenal to fall back on. I'd drink lots of plain water, but would start to feel a bit nauseous after the third bottle full of it. Most days I could just ride a trike to the nearest roadside stand to grab a fresh coconut, but some days I couldn't get away from the workshop and so I resorted to gatorade. I felt a bit guilty as I chugged the bright-blue-dyed and sugar-filled liquid from a plastic bottle (that couldn't really be adequately recycled) and committed to plan a bit better next time. 

I'm heading back to the Philippines in a few weeks and I've been determined to figure out a better alternative for rehydrating myself. My requirements were: 

  • Must be low or zero waste 
  • Must be flavored/a little sweet- I can only drink so much plain ol' water in one day 
  • Ingredients must be easy to pack 
  • Must be completely natural

I read a great post on Wellness Mama (one of my favorite natural living blogs) about making your own sport drink using herbal tea and decided to give it a trial. I chose Numi's Decaf Ginger Lemon Green Tea because I wanted a smooth, nicely flavored blend with less caffeine.  

For travel purposes, I chose stevia over honey since it's more packable, but I plan to use honey when I'm at home since it's a bit more low-waste friendly that individual stevia packets. 

To make your hydrating and energizing drink: 

Brew 2 cups of Numi's Decaf Ginger Lemon Green Tea as directed on the package
Add one packet of stevia or 1/2 tsp raw honey
Add 1/8 tsp high-quality salt (I use Real Salt)

Chill in the refrigerator and enjoy! Can be stored for up to 4 days.