Summer 2016 Closet Audit

Time for a closet audit! Right now I have 36 pieces in my "seasonless/un-capsule" wardrobe- not including workout clothes, shoes, outdoor coats, or accessories (separate posts with those coming soon). I'm pretty pleased with where my closest is at right now, but I still feel as though I have a long way to go! Here are my thoughts:

I've had more turnover than I'd like

Looking at my current closet, I feel like I have gotten rid of/ replaced too many items in the past year and a half- even though most of the items I own are still the same. I'll be attempting to slow down my pace throughout the summer, knowing that I'll need to add a few more items to my wardrobe in the fall. 

I also ruined several items of clothing while in the Philippines with A Beautiful Refuge- one of the downsides of my habit of not keeping clothing that I don't love/is worn out is that I didn't have a stash of "work" clothes. A few of my tee shirts, a tank top, and an old pair of workout capris succumbed to screen printing ink stains and I've retired them from normal circulation in my wardrobe. However, I've learned my lesson and I'm setting aside the ruined clothes so that I'll have them for my next trip to the workshop! 

I definitely have a "uniform" 

I like stripes and black dresses. Actually just dresses in general. Most decently warm days you can find me in a dress and a pair of flats or sandals with no jewelry or accessories. I find it slightly ridiculous that I have three quite similar black dresses- but I do wear all of them on a regular basis and love all of them too much to give any of them up! 

There are still gaps in my closet

Cardigans. A pair of black cigarette pants. Another button down. More structured tops. A new bathing suit (mine is pretty threadbare and might not last the summer). Another workout top or two. A black vneck sweater. A maxi skirt. A few more pairs of simple stud earrings. A new pair of running shoes. 

I keep a running list of the items I'd like to add to my closet and keep an eye out for them when I'm thrifting or as I discover new ethical companies to support and work with. I'm okay with the fact that it will likely take me a long time to build my "ideal" wardrobe... I have everything I need and then some, right now, and anything else that I add is just icing on the cake. 

I should note, too, that I sometimes add pieces that aren't on my list- I don't deny myself the occasional fun/beautiful item that catches my eye and fits into my budget!

Source List

Now for a source list! All items are ethically made with the exception of pieces marked "old" (from my pre-ethical-purchasing days), vintage items, and thrifted pieces. I've linked to products where I can (asterisks indicate referral links), but most of my pieces are not recent additions and many are no longer available. 

Colorblock shift dress- vintage
Black shift dress- thrifted
Black sundress- old (2012) 
Floral sundress- Mata Traders
Striped dress- Synergy Organic Clothing
Black maxi dress- thrifted
Red maxi dress- Belvele

Black and White Sweater- Kokoon
Sweatshirt Jacket- Synergy Organic Clothing
White suit jacket- old (2011)
Black suit jacket- Citizen's Mark

Plaid shirt- thrifted
Off-shoulder top- Flora Garments
Denim button down- thrifted
Grey sweater- old (2010) 
Grey Long Sleeve Top- American Apparel (old- 2010) 
Turquoise sweater- old (2009) 

Striped oversized top- thrifted
Black tank top- old (2012) 
White crop top- IMBY  
Striped crop top- Fair Indigo
Striped half sleeve tee- Synergy Organic Clothing
White tee- Everlane*
Grey tee- old (2007) 
Black tee- Everlane*
Graphic tee, ethical fashion- A Beautiful Refuge
Graphic tee, do what is right- A Beautiful Refuge

High waisted jeans- IMBY
Black leggings- Casey Crespo
Blue jeans- thrifted
Black jeans- AG Jeans
Printed pants- thrifted

Denim shorts- thrifted
Bike print shorts- Liz Alig

Pinstriped mini skirt- Mata Traders
Black skirt- modified from a Beaumont Organics dress