Clothes Stories: Summer in Stripes

I recently re-discovered Synergy Organic Clothing when I received a sweet email from one of the team offering to let me test out a few items this summer! I instantly remembered browsing the site a year or so ago and thinking "Hmm, lots of appliquéd yoga gear, not really my style", so I headed back to the site to check out their clothing selection again. Y'ALL. So much classiness. I mean, neutrals, stripes, geometric designs, flattering cuts... all the stuff that makes my heart sing.  

Best of all, all of Synergy Organic Clothing's items are manufactured in accordance with Fair Trade Practices, and they are in the process of becoming fair trade certified! As an added bonus to this companies' empowering job opportunities, their business is set up so that employees can actually work from home, an option that gives their primarily female workforce the freedom to care for their family and make a good income.  

As the name would imply, Synergy Organic Clothing is, in fact, organic- so less environmental harm goes into the production of your outfits. 


Now, let's talk fit and fabric. As a short, petite girl (I'm 5' 3" and a terrifying combination of small-shouldered, heavy-chested, and short-waisted), STUFF NEVER FITS ME RIGHT. When I tried on this shirt I'm quite sure I heard an angel chorus. The fabric is soft and thickish (nothing worse that a shirt so thin you have to wear another layer), with a good amount of stretch. You can wear it all day and it won't lose it's shape. I actually packet this top for a trip to Chicago last week and it came out of my jam-packed suitcase un-wrinkled and ready to wear. I'm sure this top will become a classy traveling staple for me, due to the fact that it can easily be handwashed in a sink in a pinch, and air dried without becoming huge and stretched out. 

Oufit Details: 

Shirt: Stella Top c/o Synergy Organic Clothing 

Shorts: Thrifted 

Bag: Buy the Change 

Shoes: Corso Como

Earrings: Ember Arts